Making connections for sustainable value supply chains and the built environment

Paramountric concept

Break down complexity of sustainability with powerful dynamic visualisations

Get AI assisted realtime decision support enhanced with 3D models and IoT data

Collaborate, share, invite and engage with your teams, customers and projects


product 0

Sustainability and circular flows

We connect systems, platforms, AI models, files, databases, digital twins, machines, factories, smart things, etc. with people and processes. What makes us really happy is when companies can start to interact with suppliers and customers to make feedback loops more efficient, while still protecting their data. And even more so when the sustainability and circularity is measured and improved!

product 1

Tracking and tracing for digital supply chain

You need two kinds of tracing - one to know the origins of the materials and components, and one to prove and maintain your data quality. We cover the process of connecting data, workflows and the physical assets using a unique interactive workspace tool.

product 2

Streaming 3D data pipelines between platforms and tools

Digital Twins are dynamic and need to be fed data continuously to give the "right-time" insights we need from them. But our future connected world will consume tremendous amounts of data and energy. So we need to make sure that we can execute these pipelines in a sustainable way. Should we keep copying data over and over again? We believe we can do it smarter!

Service 1
Primary energy sources and issues of supply and demand can be mapped out in our tools
Service 2
Sustainable material flows such as the wood value supply chain are covered
Service 3
Sustainable manufacturing is an area we want to explore more!
Service 4
Buildings and cities are areas of expertise for Paramountric

Basebucket - a platform for sustainable flows

A platform by Paramountric you need to design, build, analyze and share your sustainable flow

Build it yourself using our components and API:s, or let us help you customize and brand your solution

Model your own sustainable scene

Use the existing 3D objects or upload your own

Collaborate with other users, by invite, chat, and real time editing

Show sustainable indicators such as CO2 emissions, embedded carbon, energy sources, volumes & cost

Analyze your data with AI support

Connect real time data or IoT

Develop and explore your own knowledge graph

Share in your slides or reports showing your sustainable approach

Paramountric has a long experience of collaboration in research projects. We implement solutions using the latest technologies connected to digital twins, decentralized scalable systems and semantic data products.


Covering the digital wood value supply chain from forest to building

Digital Twin Cities Centre

The latest research on digital twins in cities, by Chalmers University of Technology

Digital Twin City Viewer

An open source toolkit for collaborative right-time city data online


Large-scale energy renovation of residential buildings (StruSoft 2018-2020)


A decision support tool for district level retrofit and renewal projects (StruSoft 2013-2016)

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About us

Paramountric Building

Paramountric is a startup in Southern Sweden with a small engaged team that is passionate about software tool development for sustainable value supply chains and the built environment.

We are actively working with software development consultation and participation in several research projects, and in the meantime we are building several tools including our upcoming flagship product - Basebucket, a dynamic visualisation tool for sustainable flows.

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